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4x4 Spare Wheel Covers


How to Buy our Wheelcovers

It is possible to buy all our wheel covers directly from this site. Here is some information to guide you and help you approach this.

IMPORTANT: For quality reasons, we do not sell any wheel cover in size S, M or L. To ensure a perfect fit of all our wheel covers, it will be necessary that you provide the exact dimensions of your tyre ...

Please check your tyre size written on the wall of your tyre:

We accept payment by PayPal account, credit or debit card.

For Delivery outside the UK please see our delivery page for Delivery costs and times.
Let us know:
the size of your tyre
the model chosen
Complete delivery address
mobile phone number for the delivery company
email address to receive the tracking number of your order

If you require any further help with anything, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your order will be confirmed with our manufacturing department upon receipt of payment.

Manufactured in the UK

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cache roue 4x4
cache roue 4x4

cache roue 4x4

cache roue 4x4

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